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D. melanogaster
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3R ( 91A6-91B3 )
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91A6-91B3 (near gene of known cytology)
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Ecol\lexAfru.P1.T:Hsim\VP16 drives expression in chemosensory neurons in the male forelegs. Most of these chemosensory neurons labeled with Ecol\lexAfru.P1.T:Hsim\VP16 also express Scer\GAL4ppk23.2.6.

Ecol\lexAfru.P1.T:Hsim\VP16 drives expression in mechanosensory neurons in the taste bristles of the proboscis. In the legs, Ecol\lexAfru.P1.T:Hsim\VP16 is detected in more then one gustatory receptor neuron per bristle, with these cells also expressing Scer\GAL4ppk23.2.695. Ecol\lexAfru.P1.T:Hsim\VP16 positive neurons do not overlap with expression of Scer\GAL4Gr64f.9.7 which labels the sugar-responsive neurons, candidate pheromone receptors Scer\GAL4Gr32a.3.776 and Scer\GAL4Gr68a.PB, or with Scer\GAL4Gr66a.3.153 which labels bitter-responsive neurons.

Ecol\lexAfru.P1.T:Hsim\VP16 drives expression in 2 clusters of neurons in the adult female genital tract, which co-express Avic\GFPEGFP.ppk.1 : one cluster of 1 neuron in the lateral oviduct and one cluster of 3 neurons in the uterus (which also express Scer\GAL4dsx.KI).

Ecol\lexAfru.P1.T:Hsim\VP16 drives expression in many neurons in the adult brain, including in the mushroom body alpha, beta, gamma, alpha', beta' lobes. In the antennal lobe, Ecol\lexAfru.P1.T:Hsim\VP16 labels the antennal lobe glomeruli DA1 and VA1v.

Ecol\lexAfru.P1 drives expression in in a subset of gustatory neurons of prothoracic tarsal segments 3-5 at 18-20 hours APF; no expression is observed prothoracic tarsal segments 1-2 at this stage. By 24-28 hours, expression is driven in gustatory neurons of all prothoracic tarsal segments. At the earlier timepoint, expression is observed in both male and female prothoracic tarsi, while expression at 28 hours APF is much more pronounced in male than female tarsi.

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