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KD recombinase

KDR corresponds to the recombinase encoded by gene A from the Kluyveromyces lactis pKD1 plasmid. It specifically recognizes the KDRT target site, with recombination occurring between a pair of these sites. The recombination event results in genetic modification, the nature of which is influenced by the relative orientation (direct or inverted), location and composition of the two recognition sites. The types of possible modification include deletion of DNA, generation of chromosomal rearrangements and integration of DNA into the genome. KDR shows low toxicity in transgenic Drosophila (FBrf0214794).

Notes on Tool

KDR shows no recombinase activity towards the B2RT, B3RT, RSRT or FRT target sites in an in vivo excision assay.

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KD recombinase
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