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Kr-Gal4, Kruppel-Gal4, Krgal4, Kruppel::GAL4, Kruppel Gal4, P{w+mC=Kr-GAL4}
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GAL4 reporter/driver
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Component allele Scer\GAL4Kr.PM
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A 5.0kb Kr regulatory fragment controls expression of a GAL4 driver.

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(Masselink et al., 2019, Manu et al., 2013, Neisch et al., 2013, Helman et al., 2011, Leonardi et al., 2011, Moses et al., 2011, Rousset et al., 2010, Huh et al., 2009, Mohseni et al., 2009, Nanda et al., 2009, Von Ohlen and Moses, 2009, Satoh et al., 2008, Joly et al., 2007, Schaerlinger et al., 2007, Von Ohlen et al., 2007, Altenhein et al., 2006, Herranz et al., 2006, Lovegrove et al., 2006, Reddy et al., 2006, Sweeney et al., 2006, Sweeney et al., 2006, Terry et al., 2006, Carhan et al., 2004, Donaldson et al., 2004, Hipfner et al., 2004, Li et al., 2004, Narasimha and Brown, 2004, Narasimha and Brown, 2004, Shandala et al., 2004, Ahmed et al., 2003, Correia et al., 2003, Fung et al., 2003, Hooper, 2003, Jenkins et al., 2003, Koizumi et al., 2003, Murthy et al., 2003, Pielage et al., 2003, Schock and Perrimon, 2003, Shandala et al., 2003, Liu et al., 2002, Lo et al., 2002, Mansfield et al., 2002, Overton et al., 2002, Rusten et al., 2002, Schock and Perrimon, 2002, Badenhorst, 2001, Furlong et al., 2001, Inbal et al., 2001, Kiger et al., 2001, Lorenzen et al., 2001, Rusten et al., 2001, Sharrow and Tiemeyer, 2001, Casso et al., 2000, Gao et al., 2000, Ingham et al., 2000, Leclerc et al., 2000, Li and Vaessin, 2000, Martin-Bermudo and Brown, 2000, Roman et al., 2000, Seher and Leptin, 2000, Zaffran and Frasch, 2000, Casso et al., 1999, Colas et al., 1999, Gao et al., 1999, Golembo et al., 1999, Holmes and Heilig, 1999, Wessells et al., 1999, Chu et al., 1998, Schnepp et al., 1998, Yagi et al., 1998, Yarnitzky et al., 1998, Gabay et al., 1997, Giebel et al., 1997, Giesen et al., 1997, Ohshiro and Saigo, 1997, Yagi and Hayashi, 1997, Gabay et al., 1996, Golembo et al., 1996, Kuhnlein and Schuh, 1996, Nakao and Campos-Ortega, 1996, Schweitzer et al., 1995, Castelli-Gair et al., 1994)
Molecular data

A 5.0kb Kr regulatory fragment controls expression of a GAL4 driver.

Expression Data
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distribution deduced from reporter (Gal4 UAS)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Additional Information

Drives expression in parasegments 4-9 (T2-A4) of the embryonic ectoderm, in the amnioserosa, in the Bolwig organ and posterior spiracles in late embryos and first instar larvae, in the fat body in third instar larvae and prepupae, and in the pupal and adult abdomen. Please note that this driver has been used as a component of a fluorescently labeled balancer chromosome in many associated stocks.

Expressed in ensheathing cells but not in somatic gonadal precursors in stage 17 embryos. Stains testis pigment cells in adult males.

In embryos, expression easily scored at late extended germ band; fades during germ band retraction (stage 13-14), increases at end of embryogenesis, where it is visible in Bolwig's organ and the posterior spiracle. In larva, first instar pattern similar to that in late embryo; in second instar most conspicuous expression in the salivary glands; in late third instar and early pupae, in the fat body. In late pupae and young adults, signal observed internally throughout abdomen; in older adults restricted to internal abdominal structures near the thorax.

(Described as expressed in parasegments T2 to A4.)

In embryos, no expression observed in the CNS.

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  • FBtp0000731
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