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tim-GAL4, timGAL4, timeless-GAL4, tim-GAL4-27
Expression Data
GAL4 reporter/driver
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Component allele Scer\GAL4tim.PE
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Expression of a GAL4 driver is driven by a tim BamHI-SalI promoter fragment including 6kb upstream of the tim translation start site.

Sequence Data
Sequence (FB)
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DNA Sequence
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CV term
Qualifiers and info
Component Alleles
(Gunawardhana et al., 2021, Kula-Eversole et al., 2021, Litovchenko et al., 2021, Tasman et al., 2021, Zhang et al., 2021, Zhang et al., 2021, Klein et al., 2020, Long et al., 2020, Mahesh et al., 2020, Nair et al., 2020, Alejevski et al., 2019, Buhl et al., 2019, Chen et al., 2019, Cusumano et al., 2019, Delventhal et al., 2019, Díaz et al., 2019, Goda et al., 2019, Hajji et al., 2019, Harbison et al., 2019, Liu et al., 2019, Nitta et al., 2019, Niu et al., 2019, Pírez et al., 2019, Roessingh et al., 2019, Venkatesan et al., 2019, Goda et al., 2018, Górska-Andrzejak et al., 2018, Luo et al., 2018, Marelja et al., 2018, Sherrard et al., 2018, Smith et al., 2018, Sonn et al., 2018, Beckwith et al., 2017, Gunawardhana and Hardin, 2017, Julienne et al., 2017, Lee et al., 2017, Ni et al., 2017, Selcho et al., 2017, Søvik et al., 2017, Agrawal and Hardin, 2016, Buhl et al., 2016, Chen and Rosbash, 2016, Das et al., 2016, Harper et al., 2016, Mezan et al., 2016, Bartok et al., 2015, Blake et al., 2015, Chen et al., 2015, Jang et al., 2015, Means et al., 2015, Venkatesan et al., 2015, Chen et al., 2014, Hermann-Luibl et al., 2014, Kumar et al., 2014, Lamba et al., 2014, Zheng et al., 2014, Beckwith et al., 2013, Fan et al., 2013, Ghezzi et al., 2013, Lear et al., 2013, Lee and Montell, 2013, Li and Rosbash, 2013, Lim and Allada, 2013, Oh et al., 2013, Pandey et al., 2013, Szabó et al., 2013, Zhang and Emery, 2013, Zhang et al., 2013, Grima et al., 2012, Jepson et al., 2012, Kaneko et al., 2012, Luo and Sehgal, 2012, Luo et al., 2012, Mandilaras and Missirlis, 2012, Vieira et al., 2012, Vodala et al., 2012, Chen et al., 2011, Hara et al., 2011, Keene et al., 2011, Kolodziejczyk and Nässel, 2011, Lamaze et al., 2011, Lim et al., 2011, Ng et al., 2011, Stavropoulos and Young, 2011, Benna et al., 2010, Gegear et al., 2010, Im and Taghert, 2010, Nagoshi et al., 2010, Ruiz et al., 2010, Akten et al., 2009, Fan et al., 2009, Johard et al., 2009, Kadener et al., 2009, Kotwica et al., 2009, Picot et al., 2009, Rieger et al., 2009, Sehadova et al., 2009, Yu et al., 2009, Zheng et al., 2009, Benito et al., 2008, Berni et al., 2008, Hodge and Stanewsky, 2008, Kadener et al., 2008, Richier et al., 2008, Sathyanarayanan et al., 2008, Zhu et al., 2008, Helfrich-Forster et al., 2007, Kadener et al., 2007, Lim et al., 2007, Muskus et al., 2007, Picot et al., 2007, Stoleru et al., 2007, Wolf et al., 2007, Hamasaka and Nassel, 2006, Kadener et al., 2006, Koh et al., 2006, Shafer et al., 2006, Yuan et al., 2006, Lear et al., 2005, Lin et al., 2005, Mertens et al., 2005, Stoleru et al., 2005, Wülbeck et al., 2005, Yuan et al., 2005, Yuan et al., 2005, Busza et al., 2004, Dissel et al., 2004, Klarsfeld et al., 2004, Sathyanarayanan et al., 2004, Stoleru et al., 2004, Tanoue et al., 2004, Allada et al., 2003, Glossop et al., 2003, Park et al., 2003, Peng et al., 2003, Schroeder et al., 2003, Veleri et al., 2003, Veleri et al., 2003, Zhao et al., 2003, Dockendorff et al., 2002, Ko et al., 2002, Piccin et al., 2001, Taghert et al., 2001, Williams et al., 2001, Yang and Sehgal, 2001, Emery et al., 2000, Emery et al., 2000, Kaneko and Hall, 2000, Kaneko et al., 2000, Martinek and Young, 2000, Sarov-Blat et al., 2000, Emery et al., 1998, Kaneko, 1998)
Molecular data

Expression of a GAL4 driver is driven by a tim BamHI-SalI promoter fragment including 6kb upstream of the tim translation start site.

Expression Data
Reporter Expression
distribution deduced from reporter (Gal4 UAS)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
CNS glial cell | subset

Comment: At the border between adjacent neuropils

pacemaker neuron

Comment: Authors state tim-gal4 is known to express in all clock neurons.

glial cell of adult brain

Comment: strong expression


Comment: medium expression

Additional Information

Drives expression in pacemaker neurons at all developmental stages.

Scer\GAL4tim.PE transcript is expressed in the embryonic brain at stage 16 in 100 cells. These cells co-express tim protein.

The larval Pdf negative s-LNv neuron is concluded to have the same projection pattern as the larval PDF-positive s-LNv neurons.

Expression of Scer\GAL4tim.PE is seen in cells near sensilla on the head capsule, thorax and abdomen of the adult. Expression of Scer\GAL4tim.PE in seen within the abdominal portion of the adult midgut. Expression in the mouth is restricted to the posterior region.

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timeless (tim)-GAL4
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