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Ddc-GAL4, DdCGAL4, (Ddc)-Gal4, dopa decarboxylase (ddc)-GAL4
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GAL4 reporter/driver
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Component allele Scer\GAL4Ddc.PL
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The Ddc promoter regulates expression of a GAL4 driver.

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(Gunaseelan et al., 2021, Hartwig et al., 2021, Hudson et al., 2021, Hurley and Staveley, 2021, Lund et al., 2021, Muria et al., 2021, Vogt et al., 2021, Balasubramanian and Srinivasan, 2020, Chittoor-Vinod et al., 2020, Rallis et al., 2020, Singh et al., 2020, Yalgin et al., 2020, Castells-Nobau et al., 2019, Chen et al., 2019, Gokhale et al., 2019, Handler et al., 2019, Maor et al., 2019, Massey et al., 2019, Prasad et al., 2019, Trostnikov et al., 2019, Bai et al., 2018, Fedotov et al., 2018, Tran et al., 2018, Zlatic et al., 2018, Chng et al., 2017, Comstra et al., 2017, Cording et al., 2017, Jang et al., 2017, M'Angale and Staveley, 2017, M'Angale and Staveley, 2017, Ng et al., 2017, Shyu et al., 2017, Sitaraman et al., 2017, Tavignot et al., 2017, Billes et al., 2016, Islam et al., 2016, M'Angale and Staveley, 2016, M'Angale and Staveley, 2016, M'Angale and Staveley, 2016, M'Angale and Staveley, 2016, Maor et al., 2016, Agrawal and Hasan, 2015, Bai and Sehgal, 2015, Cohn et al., 2015, Ray and Lakhotia, 2015, Shankar et al., 2015, Shih et al., 2015, Slater et al., 2015, Srivastav et al., 2015, Bingol et al., 2014, Boto et al., 2014, Faust et al., 2014, Galili et al., 2014, Kunst et al., 2014, Martin et al., 2014, Martin et al., 2014, Martin et al., 2014, Nakayama et al., 2014, Schinaman et al., 2014, Schoofs et al., 2014, Vogt et al., 2014, Yuan et al., 2014, Ghezzi et al., 2013, Hartl et al., 2013, Maor et al., 2013, Pech et al., 2013, Riemensperger et al., 2013, Wu et al., 2013, Zhu et al., 2013, Aso et al., 2012, Butler et al., 2012, Liu et al., 2012, Liu et al., 2012, Majumdar et al., 2012, Munoz-Soriano et al., 2012, Ng et al., 2012, Ruiz et al., 2012, Yang et al., 2012, Zhou et al., 2012, Gajula Balija et al., 2011, Han et al., 2011, Jepson et al., 2011, Kaun et al., 2011, Keegan et al., 2011, Kester and Nambu, 2011, Lee et al., 2011, Liu et al., 2011, Pandey et al., 2011, Riemensperger et al., 2011, Tan et al., 2011, Agrawal et al., 2010, Alekseyenko et al., 2010, Choi et al., 2010, Lajeunesse et al., 2010, Lawal et al., 2010, Lin et al., 2010, Yarali and Gerber, 2010, Agrawal et al., 2009, Al-Anzi et al., 2009, Faust et al., 2009, Karpinar et al., 2009, Lacin et al., 2009, Lee et al., 2009, Lee et al., 2009, Ng et al., 2009, Sakai et al., 2009, Venkiteswaran and Hasan, 2009, Wu et al., 2009, Yew et al., 2009, Garcia-Lopez et al., 2008, Imai et al., 2008, Jia et al., 2008, Kaplan et al., 2008, Kaplan et al., 2008, Lee et al., 2008, Lee et al., 2008, Liu et al., 2008, Park et al., 2008, Sitaraman et al., 2008, Todd and Staveley, 2008, Vömel and Wegener, 2008, Dierick and Greenspan, 2007, Huang and Haddad, 2007, Llorens et al., 2007, Muñoz-Soriano and Paricio, 2007, Periquet et al., 2007, Sang et al., 2007, Wang et al., 2007, Xiao et al., 2007, Zhang et al., 2007, Banerjee et al., 2006, Chang et al., 2006, Gavin et al., 2006, Kadener et al., 2006, Kontopoulos et al., 2006, Park et al., 2006, Srikanth et al., 2006, Walker et al., 2006, Wang et al., 2006, Yuan et al., 2006, Andretic et al., 2005, Auluck et al., 2005, Cha et al., 2005, Rodriguez Moncalvo and Campos, 2005, Sykes and Condron, 2005, Yang et al., 2005, Banerjee et al., 2004, Haywood and Staveley, 2004, Joshi et al., 2004, Koh et al., 2004, Suster et al., 2004, Landgraf et al., 2003, Monastirioti, 2003, Suster et al., 2003, Yang et al., 2003, Auluck et al., 2002, Haywood et al., 2002, Feany and Bender, 2000, Li et al., 2000)
Molecular data

The Ddc promoter regulates expression of a GAL4 driver.

Expression Data
Reporter Expression
No Assay Recorded
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
distribution deduced from reporter (Gal4 UAS)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Additional Information

Drives expression in dopaminergic and serotonergic neurons, and their precursors.

Scer\GAL4Ddc.PL drives expression very weakly in the ellipsoid and the fan-shaped bodies.

Scer\GAL4Ddc.PL drives expression in a subset of the dopaminergic PPL2ab neurons and in the majority of the PAM neurons (includes MB-M3 and MB-MP1 neurons).

Expression observed in neurons that innervate the mushroom body horizontal lobes and the subsesophageal ganglion.

Expression in the midgut is found in a distinct group of Dh31-expressing enteroendocrine cells located at the junction region of the anterior midgut and the acid-secreting portion of the larval midgut. This junction region occurs at a conspicuous and characteristic U-shaped bend in the gut. These are referred to as the "midgut junction Dh31-expressing cells".

Expression is seen in dopaminergic and serotonergic neurons and their precursors, totalling 9-11 neurons per abdominal half-neuromere by larval stage L1. A precise pattern can be found in FBrf0160715.

Expression is observed in Ddc-expressing neurons.

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3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine-L-decarboxylase (Ddc)-Gal4
Ddc-Gal4 (HL8.6)
dihydroxyphenylalanine decarboxylase (ddc)-GAL4
dopa decarboxylase (ddc)-GAL4
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