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Cha-GAL4, ChAT-GAL4, chaGAL4, Cha-Gal4-19B, Cha7.4-Gal4, ChaB19-GAL4, P{Cha-GAL4.7.4}, B19-GAL4, Cha(7.4)-Gal4, ChATGAL4
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Component allele Scer\GAL4ChAT.7.4
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A 7.4kb BamHI 5' flanking fragment from the "cholinergic" locus which encodes both ChAT and VAChT function) regulates expression of a GAL4 driver.

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(Douthit et al., 2021, Georganta et al., 2021, Li et al., 2021, Lund et al., 2021, Bataillé et al., 2020, Davla et al., 2020, Delventhal and Steinhauer, 2020, Deng et al., 2020, Golomidov et al., 2020, Kanellopoulos et al., 2020, Kondo et al., 2020, Nandakumar et al., 2020, Pirooznia et al., 2020, Rallis et al., 2020, Showell et al., 2020, Wang et al., 2020, Weaver et al., 2020, White et al., 2020, Yalgin et al., 2020, Yoshinari et al., 2020, Castells-Nobau et al., 2019, Chen et al., 2019, Fenckova et al., 2019, Hamid et al., 2019, Held et al., 2019, Hill et al., 2019, Hsieh et al., 2019, Peng et al., 2019, Qin et al., 2019, Smith et al., 2019, Trostnikov et al., 2019, Vernon et al., 2019, Bai et al., 2018, Dean et al., 2018, Dey and Ray, 2018, Farley et al., 2018, Fedotov et al., 2018, Jana et al., 2018, Lee et al., 2018, Rai et al., 2018, Ryazantseva et al., 2018, Sonn et al., 2018, Vernon et al., 2018, Boppana et al., 2017, Chng et al., 2017, Horne et al., 2017, Laneve et al., 2017, Lin et al., 2017, Liu et al., 2017, Mohammad et al., 2017, Søvik et al., 2017, Yoon et al., 2017, Cash et al., 2016, Grabe et al., 2016, Iyengar, 2016.3.5, Liu et al., 2016, Schlegel et al., 2016, Tuthill and Wilson, 2016, Yilmazer et al., 2016, Bai and Sehgal, 2015, Cassar et al., 2015, Diao et al., 2015, Garelli et al., 2015, Heckscher et al., 2015, Jeong et al., 2015, Okamoto and Nishimura, 2015, Shih et al., 2015, Slater et al., 2015, Vanderwerf et al., 2015, Chin et al., 2014, Iyengar, 2014.6.6, Kunst et al., 2014, Ling et al., 2014, Martín-Peña et al., 2014, Murali et al., 2014, Schinaman et al., 2014, Schoofs et al., 2014, Shiraishi et al., 2014, Yuan et al., 2014, Buchon et al., 2013, Ghezzi et al., 2013, Levy and Larsen, 2013, Lin et al., 2013, McIlroy et al., 2013, Melnattur et al., 2013, Thran et al., 2013, Timmerman et al., 2013, Wiemerslage et al., 2013, Berni et al., 2012, Chen et al., 2012, Humphrey et al., 2012, Imlach et al., 2012, Iyengar, 2012, Lai et al., 2012, Lotti et al., 2012, Nam et al., 2012, Pfeiffenberger and Allada, 2012, Rezaval et al., 2012, Sadananda et al., 2012, Sluder et al., 2012, Tayler et al., 2012, Timmerman and Sanyal, 2012, Yao et al., 2012, Zhou et al., 2012, Chiang et al., 2011, Demilly et al., 2011, Inada et al., 2011, Iyengar et al., 2011, Jepson et al., 2011, Kahsai and Winther, 2011, Keegan et al., 2011, Keene et al., 2011, Kim et al., 2011, Schnakenberg et al., 2011, Shuai et al., 2011, Stavropoulos and Young, 2011, Varija Raghu et al., 2011, Boerner and Duch, 2010, Carlsson et al., 2010, Certel et al., 2010, Choi et al., 2010, Hekmat-Scafe et al., 2010, Lajeunesse et al., 2010, Melicharek et al., 2010, Repnikova et al., 2010, Wu et al., 2010, Cardona et al., 2009, Dankert et al., 2009, Iijima-Ando et al., 2009, Johard et al., 2009, Lacin et al., 2009, Lee et al., 2009, Ling et al., 2009, Mauss et al., 2009, Sakai et al., 2009, Wu et al., 2009, Caygill and Johnston, 2008, Cukier et al., 2008, Daniels et al., 2008, Fradkin et al., 2008, Gao et al., 2008, Hamada et al., 2008, Johard et al., 2008, Kaplan et al., 2008, Kolodziejczyk et al., 2008, Nässel et al., 2008, Pauli et al., 2008, Stork et al., 2008, Wu et al., 2008, Wu et al., 2008, Zhou et al., 2008, Beramendi et al., 2007, de Velasco et al., 2007, Garg et al., 2007, Sang et al., 2007, Baqri et al., 2006, Gavin et al., 2006, Iyengar et al., 2006, Luan et al., 2006, Mehren and Griffith, 2006, Meyer and Aberle, 2006, Pereanu and Hartenstein, 2006, Schmid et al., 2006, Walker et al., 2006, Hekmat-Scafe et al., 2005, Keegan et al., 2005, Lima and Miesenbock, 2005, Rajaram et al., 2005, Sanyal et al., 2005, Baines, 2004, Banerjee et al., 2004, Ghosh and Feany, 2004, Joshi et al., 2004, Nishimura et al., 2004, Suster et al., 2004, Suster et al., 2004, Wegener et al., 2004, Dumstrei et al., 2003, Nassif et al., 2003, Su and O'Dowd, 2003, Younossi-Hartenstein et al., 2003, Baines et al., 2002, Lee and Salvaterra, 2002, Kitamoto, 2001, Salvaterra and Kitamoto, 2001, Wittmann et al., 2001)
Molecular data

A 7.4kb BamHI 5' flanking fragment from the "cholinergic" locus which encodes both ChAT and VAChT function) regulates expression of a GAL4 driver.

Expression Data
Reporter Expression
distribution deduced from reporter (Gal4 UAS)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
ellipsoid body

Comment: strong expression

adult mushroom body

Comment: strong expression


Comment: strong expression

Additional Information

Drives expression in cholinergic neurons in larvae and adults.

Scer\GAL4ChAT.7.4 and Scer\GAL4S3.Hug drive expression in larval Hugin neuron of the protocerebrum, larval Hugin neuron of the ventral nerve cord, larval Hugin neuron of the ventral nerve cord as well as, weakly, larval Hugin neuron of the corpus cardiacum.

Scer\GAL4ChAT.7.4 colocalizes with eve in EL neurons.

Scer\GAL4ChAT.7.4 labels a subset of neurons in the lamina, medulla, lobula and lobula plate. The labelled cells include: Tm1, Tm2, Tm4, Tm4a, Tm7, Tm8, Tm11, Tm12, Tm15, Tm22, Tm24, TmY2, TmY5, TmY9, TmY10, TmY11, TmY12, Mi2, Mi7, Mi11, Pm1, Pm1a, Mt4, Mt10, T2, T4, Tlp2, Tlp3, Lcn1, Lcn2, Lt6, Tm new 1, Tm new 2, Tm new 3, T new 1, mY new 1, Mt new 1, Mi new 1, Mi new 2, Mi new 3, Lcn new 1, Loi new 1 and lpi new 1.

Scer\GAL4ChAT.7.4 drives expression in the Rh5 and Rh6 photoreceptors of Bolwig organ in the larval optic neuropil.

Expression in the midgut is found in a distinct group of Dh31-expressing enteroendocrine cells located at the junction region of the anterior midgut and the acid-secreting portion of the larval midgut. This junction region occurs at a conspicuous and characteristic U-shaped bend in the gut. These are referred to as the "midgut junction Dh31-expressing cells". There is no overlap in expression between this marker and ChAT expression in the midgut.

Scer\GAL4ChAT.7.4 labels at least four LNd neurons and the Pdf negative s-LNv neuron. The four LNd neurons are also labeled by expression of per protein. Two of these four LNd neurons also co-express sNPF protein.

Most of the Scer\GAL4ChAT.7.4 expressing neurons do not colocalize with sNPF protein in the adult. However, there is colocalization in a subset of columnar neurons at the ventral base of the optic lobe with dense termination sites in the lateral protocerebrum.

Expression of Scer\GAL4ChAT.7.4 is limited to the ventral part of the ventral nerve cord.

In adults, Scer\GAL4VGlut-OK371 drives expression in thin neurites that innervate the beta gamma lobes, especially in the anterior region of the latter, and in the neuropils surrounding the lobes and peduncle. Co-localisation with sNPF protein is observed in a small number of cell bodies throughout the brain and in the neuronal axon tract anterior to the beta and gamma lobes. Larval expression was similar to the one in adults, with additional expression in processes that terminate in the calyx or that surround the dorsal tip of the vertical lobe.

Scer\GAL4ChAT.7.4 drives expression in cholinergic neurons from the onset of synaptogenesis.

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7.4kb Cha-Gal4
ChAT-gal4 7.4
Choline acetyltransferase (Cha)-Gal4
P{w+mC= Cha-GAL4.7.4}
cha B19-GAL4
choline acetyltransferase (Cha)-Gal4
choline acetyltransferase (cha) promoter-GAL4
choline acetyltransferase GAL4
choline acetyltransferase-Gal4
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