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Elav-GeneSwitch, elav-GS, ElavGS, Elav-GS-GAL4, ELAV-GeneSwitch-Gal4, GS-elav, ElavGS-Gal4, GS-elav-Gal4, elavGeneSwitch, GSelav
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Component allele Scer\GAL4elav.Switch.PO
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A 3.5kb fragment of the elav gene (including the elav promoter and the 5' UTR exons 0 and 1) drives expression of the ligand-inducible GAL4::GS driver.

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Component Alleles
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Molecular data

A 3.5kb fragment of the elav gene (including the elav promoter and the 5' UTR exons 0 and 1) drives expression of the ligand-inducible GAL4::GS driver.

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Additional Information

Drives mifepristone-inducible expression pan-neuronally at larval and adult stages.

Scer\GAL4elav.Switch.PO drives mifepristone-inducible expression pan-neuronally

Expression is driven pan-neuronally.

Reporter construct used in assay
Progenitors and Descendants

construct_comment: Drives expression of the "GeneSwitch" protein, an RU486-activated GAL4 fusion protein.

construct_comment: Scer\ GAL4::Hsap \ PGR::Hsap \RELA fusion (Scer\GAL4elav.Switch.PO) protein function induced upon application of RU486 ligand.See report for T:Hsap\PGR; see report for T:Hsap\RELA.

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Reported As
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ELAV Gene Switch
ELAV Gene-Switch
Elav-Gal GeneSwitch
Elav-gene switch
ElavGAL4 GeneSwitch
GS-elav Gal4
elav-GAL4 GeneSwitch
elav-GS GAL4
elav-Gene Switch
geneswitch elav-GAL4
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